10 Reasons To Buy And Hold Your $BULB Tokens

6 min readMay 4, 2024


With BULB’s token listing just around the corner on April 13th, we hope everyone is getting excited and feeling bullish about $BULB.

For our OG’s, the value of $BULB might have been clear from the start, but with new BULBers joining every day, we wanted to discuss the top 10 reasons why you might want to obtain and more importantly hold onto your BULB Tokens.

So in this article we highlight what drives the value of BULB Tokens, let’s dive into it!

Reason #1: A Real Project With A Real Team

It’s a well-known crypto cliché for projects and their teams to hide behind a veil of anonymity. It’s a personal preference, but we firmly believe in the opposite. Having worked tirelessly on this project for two years, our team of devs (Johnson, Oliver and Alex) and operations team (Ronson, Alex, Jarryd and Laura) have built BULB from a place of real passion for blogging, Web3 ideals and now, our community. `

Reason #2: BULB Has an Expanded Range of Token Use Cases

Key Token Use Cases

At its core, BULB Token is the utility token that underpins transactions on the platform and fundamental value is derived from its use cases.

Existing use cases include Premium articles, BULB Energy, Boost Posts & Listings, BULBmoji NFTs, BULB Staking and the team are firmly committed to bringing more use cases to develop the utility of the token. Our key focus areas for the future are spend-to-earn and spend-to-personalise.

Reason #3: Platform Spending Continues to Trend Up

Cumulative Token Spending As Of March 2024

We have consistently seen a rise in BULB Token spending, which is extremely promising for the health of the BULBconomy (@Miguel). This is driven by the expansion of BULB Token use cases. New and existing users will soon need to unlock writing and commenting features with BULB Tokens which will further drive token spending up. Remember that 25% of all token spending is permanently burnt and the remaining 75% is distributed back to the community.

Reason #4: Supply Of BULB Token Deflates Over Time

New BULB Tokenomics & Burn Mechanism

With our one-off 250 Million token burning event finalised and new burn mechanism in place, we can only expect BULB Token supply to decrease over time.

As each transaction occurs on platform, the value of all BULB Tokens increases, this is a positive feedback loop that is imperative to the long term supply and demand dynamics in the market. Simply put, the more users are on BULB, the more tokens are spent, the more tokens will be burnt, the higher $BULB price goes, which means more users on BULB engaging for better economic incentives… The show just keeps on going.

Reason #5: BULB Staking Is Exploding

BULB Staking As Of March 2024

In less than a week since the feature launched, the community have staked over 30 Million BULB Tokens. This is a sign of just how committed BULBers are to supporting the long term success of the platform.

BULB Staking is crucial to the sustainability of BULB because it separates real users from the fake. missionaries and the mercenaries, where the former will be committed to staking BULB Tokens and earn more via the staking rewards and the points multiplier, while the latter will just come on BULB to spam and go. The mercenary approach simply doesn’t work on BULB because they haven’t put any skin in the game. Now with more token spending, staking rewards are higher than ever, which drives more BULB Token staking. As you can see, everything is interconnected…

Reason #6: The World’s Most Discoverable Web 3 Blogging Platform

Google Search Results

As a writer, we know one of the most important aspects when choosing a platform is discoverability, and BULB is the only Web 3.0 blogging platform that beats even Medium when users search for keywords like “Crypto Blogging Platform”, “Web3 Blogging Platform”, “Solana Blogging Platform” and more, this growth engine will only get stronger over time.

Reason #7: The Only Vertically Integrated Web 3 Social Media

BULB Marketplace

It’s important to highlight that BULB is the only vertically integrated Web 3 social media platform with its own NFT marketplace.

Traditionally, SocialFi platforms may have NFTs issued, but these are often traded outside the platform on centralised exchanges like Opensea or Magic Eden. We have leveraged Metaplex to build a decentralised NFT marketplace inside the platform, so that users can do everything that they need without having to leave BULB. We honestly believe that this is an underrated feature and the power of an on-platform marketplace will shine through as more users join the platform.

Reason #8: Upcoming BULB Threads

BULB Comments (A Base For BULB Threads)

BULB Threads is a microblogging feature that will allow any user to share their thoughts with other community members in less than 300 characters. The team feel confident this feature will be a game changer, allowing us to widen our target market and create an integrated social experience on BULB. Our threads are expected to launch in 2Q 2024, and this will definitely drive BULB to new heights.

Reason #9: Going Mobile

BULB Mobile App Concepts

Over 6 billion people in the world own a smartphone, and naturally, we aim to go mobile this year. BULB is currently a Web App, which we believe is a good entry point to the Web 3.0 social media space. However, to truly onboard the masses, going mobile is an inevitable step.

Reason #10: The Best Community In Web3

Latest BULB Leaderboard

Web 3 is all about community and we are proud to see our community grow tighter, get more supportive of each other and project and become more creative with each day.

A single user does not create linear value, the special thing that will drive the value of BULB Tokens up is the network of connections, this is in essence what BULB tokens represent, the value of this “network”. We have always believed that the BULB community should benefit from this value.

Final Remarks

We hope this article was helpful to better understand what we are trying to achieve with BULB. As of this moment, we can argue that BULB is the best Web3 platform for users, but we won’t stop there. The goal is for there to be no debate before we work towards becoming the #1 Web3 social media platform in the world💡


All information contained in this blog post does not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever and is provided for informational purposes only. Nothing published in this blog post expressly or impliedly indicates the liquidity, tradability and other relevant matters of BULB Tokens, nor does it constitute a promise, representation or conduct of similar intentions in any way whatsoever. Nothing published in this section constitutes an investment or purchase recommendation, nor should content contained be relied upon for any investment or purchase activities. We strongly recommend that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a qualified professional before making any financial or purchase decisions.

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