BULB: A Crypto-Based Blogging Platform

5 min readDec 29, 2021

Hi, Welcome to BULB!

Imagine an internet where anyone can participate, without the monetisation of their personal data, engagement and creativity. Just imagine an internet where data-privacy breaches and censorship controls cease to exist…That is what Web3.0 is all about.

We believe in what Web3.0 stands for. Founded on a small teams dedication to empowering Web3.0, BULB is on a mission to create a community where ideas, passion and engagement are rewarded.

BULB is driven to build a crypto-based blogging platform, where users can ‘do-to-earn’ and more specifically, write-to-earn (W2E) and read-to-earn (R2E). As it stands, BULB is one of the first ‘do-to-earn’ blogging platforms built on the Solana Blockchain. By enabling you as our users to earn BULB Tokens based on your engagement with the platform, you will become empowered to capture the value created within the community as the value of the underlying crypto token corresponds with growth of the community and usage of the platform. This is only made possible with the existence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

How BULB Works?

Write-to-earn, Read-to-earn with BULB.

Figure 1: Five Classes of BULBmojis

In a nutshell, our users can collect BULBmojis by writing, reading, reacting, commenting and sharing blog posts on the platform. The more ‘actions’ users complete, the more BULBmojis you collect, and the more BULB Tokens you will be able to earn. The BULB Token can be used on premium content, NFTs, and other tradables exclusive to BULB. They can also be held as a speculative asset.

This creates a BULB crypto-economy, where engagement is the currency.


$BULB is the crypto token that enables all transactions on the platform. The token is built on the Solana blockchain with a fixed supply of 1 Billion tokens. Tokens will be allocated equally between BULB and its users. This tokenomics model reflects the equal importance of both users and our team in contributing to the development of BULB. 10% of total supply (100,000,012 tokens) were unlocked on the 19th of December 2021.

Figure 2: Total Circulating Supply (Units: Millions)

$BULB follows the deflationary token model. Specifically, the total user reward of BULB Tokens halves every year, i.e. given that 500 Million tokens are allocated to user rewards, 250 Million tokens will be released in 2022, 125 Million in 2023, and so on. 100 Million tokens will go to operations, which also follows a halving schedule. The remaining 300 Million tokens are linearly vested over 24 months with a 6 month cliff.

Meet the Team

Figure 3: BULB Core Team Members

We pride ourselves on being a deeply diverse team with exceptional execution abilities. We have spent COUNTLESS hours thinking, designing and building BULB, so that you can have the BEST possible product!

Ronson Chau (Co-Founder): An investment banker, crypto enthusiast and avid reader, he has worked at Morgan Stanley, Macquarie Group, ScotPac Group and the University of Sydney. Priding himself on a keen attention to detail and an unwavering search for excellence, Ronson will be responsible for leading BULB’s day-to-day operations.

Johnson Chau (Co-Founder): A software engineer, crypto enthusiast and movie fanatic, Johnson has worked at Atlassian, Allianz, ScotPac Group and the University of Sydney. Inspired to convert conceptualisations into reality, as the lead software engineer Johnson will be responsible for leading BULB’s platform build out and ensuring its functionality.

Faye Xie (Founding Member): A software engineer, fine art enthusiast and badminton player, Faye has started her career with Atlassian and Tencent. Possessing nuanced creativity and a passion for bringing value to others, Faye will lead the way when it comes to BULB’s front-end design and assist in the platform build out.

Alex Rose (Founding Member): A marketer, crypto enthusiast and a big fan of both music and sports, Alex has begun his career working for ACTON Real Estate and Metrix Consulting. With a driven nature and creative thinking, Alex will be responsible for BULB’s branding, strategy and user experience.

Our Roadmap

  • Token Generation Event (19th December 2021): 100 Million BULB Tokens are were generated with the remaining 900 Million vested on the Solana Blockchain for scheduled release.
  • Beta Product Launch (First Half of 2022): The Beta product will include all core features of the BULB platform, and will only be available to shortlisted members. Early adopters will likely have a higher probability of earning a significant proportion of BULB Tokens. Visit our Website to get shortlisted now!
  • Official Product Launch (Second Half of 2022): The official product will be feature a significantly upgraded product than our Beta to improve user experience and optimise the economics of BULB. The Official product will be released to everyone!
  • Listing on a Decentralised Exchange (Late 2022): We intend to list $BULB on Raydium, a decentralised exchange built on the Solana Blockchain. This will be the first major liquidity event for the BULB community!
  • Listing on a Major Crypto Exchange (2023 and Beyond): We will work towards listing $BULB on a major crypto exchange, e.g. Binance & Coinbase, in 2023 and beyond. To accelerate our roadmap, you can help by becoming an active member of the BULB community and assist in expanding the user base!

Concluding Remarks

BULB is founded on our desire to build a community that recognises your value and contributions, no matter whether you are a writer, reader, reactor, talker or sharer of blogs. We are driven to create a platform that will disrupt the blogging and do-to-earn industries as we know it, and we are also extremely proud to be part of the Web3.0 movement.

For early access and perks, get shortlisted now at our Website.

Once you sign up, you will be invited to our referral competition and have the chance to win up to 10,000 BULB Tokens 💸

We cannot wait to have you onboard, and together, we can build a community where ideas, passion and engagement, big or small, are rewarded!

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BULB is a blogging platform, where ideas, passion and engagement are rewarded.