Exploring Official Launch: All The New Features

5 min readApr 15, 2023
Exploring BULB’s Official Launch: All The New Features


On April 15th, BULB’s official launch will be live, this marks a huge milestone for the platform. To celebrate Official Launch, the team will be bringing you a whole range of new platform features including; BULBmoji NFTs 2.0, writer analytics, dark mode, revamped refer-to-earn, share-to-earn, email subscriptions, writing tips and more.

Read on to find out all you need to know about the new features…

Firstly, BULBmoji NFTs are Back

The team is proud to announce that BULBmoji NFTs are back! We will be releasing an additional 250 BULBmoji NFTs on the platform. The BULBmoji NFTs are mostly the same compared to the first release earlier this year. You can open a BULBmoji NFT pack to unlock a mystery NFT. Each NFT belongs to a specific class (targeted towards a specific ‘action’): Reading, writing, sharing, moderating, commenting and reacting, with each class also having one of 5 rarities.

This time, the team has done away with tiered Bronze, Silver and Gold NFT packs. All you need to do is buy one Master BULBmoji Pack from BULB’s ‘Shop’ and you’re set. Make sure you get in early because all BULBmoji packs sold out last time within a few days!

Introducing BULB’s New ‘Refer-to-Earn’ and ‘Share-to-Earn’ Features 💸

To further BULB’s ethos as a ‘Do-to-Earn’ blogging platform, the team will also be introducing new ‘Refer-to-Earn’ and ‘Share-to-Earn’ features.

BULB’s new Refer-to-Earn feature rewards uses with 1,000 BULB Tokens for referring a new user to BULB. To earn the full amount, the person being referred must complete a react, a read and a comment within 24 hours of signing up to BULB. The referrer’s earnings will be adjusted to match the aggregate points their friend has earnt within the 24 hour period out of the total points the friend could have earned as an active user.

For Share-to-Earn, sharers are rewarded with BULB points for sharing articles from BULB on their social media channels. Users will be free to share any article they, even if it’s not their own work. Both the sharer and the original author of the post will earn 25 BULB points for each 10 unique visits through the link shared.

Revamped Refer to Earn System
Introducing Share-to-Earn

Say Hello to Writer Analytics

The team will also be releasing writer analytics on your blog posts so that you can view detailed statistics on the performance of articles you publish. Users will have access to key statistics, including the blog’s ‘score tier’, views over time, the sources of your views (internal or external), engagement rate, reader’s country of origin and SEO keyword ranking and more!

This will be immensely helpful for all new bloggers looking to see how their blogs perform.

New Writer Analytics View

Platform Improvements

The team will also be releasing a number of platform enhancements to make the BULB experience even better.

They are:

  • Dark mode: Users will be able to use BULB in ‘dark mode’.
  • Recommended reading: Users will also see a list of recommended posts for their own reading at the end of the post they have read.
  • Video embedding: Users will be able to embed videos in their blog posts.
  • Email Subscriptions: Allowing users to subscribe to their favourite profiles.
  • Weekly Activity Updates: Providing users with optional weekly activity updates.
BULB’s New Dark Mode
New Subscribe Button


To recap, here is a short list of BULB’s new features available at Official Launch:

  • 250 new BULBmoji NFTs to help you Do-to-Earn even better.
  • New ‘Refer-to-Earn’ and ‘Share-to-Earn’ features so you can start earning by sharing blogs or referring friends to join BULB.
  • Writer analytics to help you learn more about how readers engage with your blogs.
  • Dark mode so you can use BULB day or night.
  • Recommended reading so you know what to read next after you’ve finished reading a blog.
  • Email subscriptions so you can build your audience on BULB or never miss an article from your favourite writers.
  • Personalised writing tips to help improve your writing and maximise your points on BULB.
  • Optional weekly email updates to keep you up to date on your activity each week.
  • Video embedding to allow Youtube links to be added to your blogs.
BULB Official Launch Features

We hope you’re just as excited as us with all the new features coming out. They’re yet another huge step forward for the platform and are only the beginning of even more to come.

If you’d like to learn more about these features after April 15th, head to https://docs.bulbapp.io/faq.

You can also join now at https://www.bulbapp.io/

-BULB Team

About BULB

BULB is a blogging platform, where ideas, passion and engagement are all rewarded. By giving ownership back to users, BULB rewards content creators for 100% of the value they create within the community.

Recognising writing and reading is all about sharing ideas and passions with others our belief is that only you should profit from that. BULB rewards every user for their engagement. For the first time, you can write, read, react, comment, share and earn cryptocurrency all at the same time.




BULB is a blogging platform, where ideas, passion and engagement are rewarded.