Why BULB is the Future of Do-To-Earn Blogging

3 min readOct 29, 2022

The concept of ‘do-to-earn’ underpins everything we do at BULB. Fundamentally, we believe the value of ‘do-to-earn’ comes from all members of our blogging community engaging on the platform as readers and writers. Together, the community creates a vibrant ecosystem of content and tradable consumables, both of which power user engagement.

How will BULB achieve this? Read on to find out!

How BULB’s Ecosystem Works

BULB’s ecosystem involves two key players: Readers and writers. This is shown in the diagram below.

Earning BULB Tokens is at the heart of BULB’s do-to-earn engagement model. Users start with earning BULB points by collecting BULBmojis as creators that write-to-earn and as readers who engage with posts written by other members of the community. These BULB points are used to calculate the users’ earnings in BULB Tokens, with BULB Tokens then being used to purchase tradable consumables such as premium content.

BULB’s incentive model works because BULB Tokens are valuable. The value of the token stems from having viable use cases for where the token can be spent. This in turn motivates the user to continue engaging with the platform so they can maximise their earnings and continue to spend their tokens on tradable assets, thus creating a circular engagement model where users are motivated to continue reading and blogging in order to keep spending.

In this sense, BULB Tokens ‘facilitate’ a dynamic blogging ecosystem where users can purchase consumables from their earnings, all of which is founded upon rewarding their ideas, passion and engagement.

Where Can BULB Tokens Be Spent?

BULB Tokens can be spent on the following active use cases:

  • Premium articles where users can unlock high quality articles from their favourite writers.
  • Energy where users can recharge on BULB energy to keep earning points by engaging on the platform.
  • The ability for users to boost their post to get more engagement and earn more BULB Tokens.

BULB is developing BULBmoji NFTs which will allow users to boost their earnings on the platform and earn even more points. As we know, users earn by completing ‘actions’ such as writing, reading, reacting, commenting and sharing in the form of BULBmojis. With BULBmoji NFTs, users can own their unique BULBmoji which will be worth more points than the standard BULBmoji for the very same action that users complete. This way, intrinsic value is created as the value of the BULBmoji NFT is derived from the future BULB Tokens that it can generate for the owner.

BULB also has emerging concept use cases which include:

  • Article NFTs where users can mint their articles as an NFT on the Solana Blockchain.
  • Top-Spot NFTs where users can secure the top recommended spot to showcase their work.
  • The ability for users to customise their profile, thereby taking complete control of their personal brand.

Concluding Remarks

BULB is the future of do-to-earn blogging where we work together with our users to create a dynamic ecosystem of valuable assets. Ultimately, our purpose is to create a community where ideas, passion and engagement are rewarded. Your input as a member of our community will be integral to advancing BULB’s vision for do-to-earn blogging.

Learn More About BULB

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BULB is a blogging platform, where ideas, passion and engagement are rewarded.